Huck's Defeat

The defeat of Capt. Huck at Williamson's plantation occurred almost simultaneously with the affair just recorded.  This Huck had been sent by the British commandant at Rocky Mount into the section now known as York District at once to embody the Tories and harass the Whigs.  A large portion of this district had been settled by Presbyterians and persons of this persuasion were numerous in adjacent parts of North Carolina, particularly in Mecklenburg County.  These were generally known as the staunch advocates of independence.  Hence, when the Whigs were expelled from the country lying west of Broad River they found an asylum in the Presbyterian congregations in the Valley of the Catawba.  Huck commenced his work in good earnest by burning churches, dwelling houses, and murdering the Whigs whenever they fell into his hands.  He often used the most profane and impudent expressions while persecuting his work of pillage and carnage.  Among other things, he swore that if the rebels were as thick as trees and Jesus Christ Himself were to command them he would defeat them.  When his words and doings were reported in Sumter's camp the Presbyterian Irish who rallied around his standard could stand it no longer.  They demanded to be led against this vile man, Capt. Huck.  Col. Bratton and others gratified their wishes, and everybody knows the result of that engagement.

Two events happened simultaneously with the attack on Huck which deserve to be mentioned.  Some prisoners recently captured were on their knees begging for life when the assault commenced.  Col. Bratton had engaged a devoutly pious old gentle men to stay with his family during his absence with the army.  He did this for the double purpose of protection and his religious influence.  The family were engaged in their evening devotions.  A chapter had been read and the company were on their knees.  The old man was offering fervent supplications to the throne of grace ‑‑ he offered an earnest petition for the destruction of that vile man, Capt. Huck.  No sooner had the petition been expressed than the company were startled by the crash of fire arms, and Huck's followers were swept from the field.